12 March 2014

Childhood Dream

What I wanted to be when I grow up
Oh, dear, I have tons of it! Back then, my ambition changed on a monthly basis :D  At first, being a teacher had always been in my mind and all my friends' mind as well.. (Who don't?) I have lecturer in mind as well as a scientist, engineer, astronaut and even a physicist. I've changed my mind on the latter after realizing that Physics was not an easy subject to learn :p As I grow up, I have this sudden interest towards the pyramids and decided once and for all that being an archaelogist is the perfect job for me. I started to do some research in the local uni and realized that none of it offered the archaelogy course. Well, I guess I just have to grab any opportunity that coming my way and here I am, a teacher. That's the power of love at the first sight, I must say :)

A future archaelogist, maybe?
#This is my first time hearing about Loop de Links via my new friend Harlynn. Thanks for this lovely idea :) Do click on the button below for loads of fun!!

03 March 2014

Outdoor Fun

The weather is very hot these past few months. We haven't see any single raindrop AT ALL!! But nevertheless, we decided to enjoy the sun by having fun painting at the backyard. YAY!! The children, of course, get so excited!! No apron, no rules, paint whatever you want. Be creative. I love to see the results, to ask them what were they painting. To hear their explanation and stories of the art.. It's a bliss!! :)

Ms Curly joining in the fun :)

Poor old daisies.. 
Have a great weekend!!

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24 February 2014

Read-a-book-a-day project

Well, nothing can beat the power of reading. I was browsing through the internet and came across this beautiful and perfect blog, full of information, tips, printables, ideas, everything! Therefore, I decided to have this Read-a-book-a-day project with my 5-year old niece Shuhada. She loves it as she reads all the time. I printed the list on a pink paper (it's her fave) and set it to 50 books. Do visit 3Dinosaurs.com for priceless ideas and many more!

First book on the list :)

Read the Dictionary!

Portentous finding, I must say :D

I was cleaning up my bookshelves and found tons of old books of mine aged 20 year old and up, yes, Enid Blyton, Dickens, Stephen King, Grisham, name it! Back then, I was obsessed with dictionary. I can read one if I don't have anything else to read. That's how I learn big words like "portentous". But really, nowadays, some kids don't fancy a dictionary. I know someone personally who doesn't even know what a dictionary is, that's how BAD it is.. Sad, but true. If you don't know what a dictionary, then how will you read?! To me, there's nothing more exciting than to learn new words everyday, to use it in my conversation and exams too. It helps me a lot! Without it, I'd be lost. Although I don't use it on a daily basis nowadays, I'll keep it handy in the household..

Read your dictionary!

22 February 2014

Welcoming myself to the Blogging World..

A very good day to all.. Well, yet another attempt of mine to be active in the blogging world.. This procrastinator had been postponing things one too many times! (Typical, typical Geminian, some may say. :D ) There are so many things to write and tell but yet too little times. Hopefully year 2014 will give me the courage to actively write about things that are very close to me. Books, cats, teaching, travelling, food, photography (amateurish, of course), and whatever that come across my mind. I'll be writing in both languages of English and my native Bahasa Malaysia. Do bear with me in this virtual world, as I may or may not stay active all the time, but still, do bear with me :)